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Does this sound like you?

You are a self-motivated individual with highly developed skills in photography, videography, animation, marketing or social media management. You want to gain practical experience in your craft, be trained by industry experts and assemble a portfolio of work produced for real clients. If this sounds like you, get involved with We are World Change!

1. Make a difference

Without awareness, NGOs wouldn’t be able to fundraise and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, content production and marketing are expensive – especially considering their budget could be better used achieving a social impact! When you volunteer with us, you’ll be able to help organisations to share their stories through engaging visual media.

2. Gain practical, real-world experience

What better way to develop your skills in content creation and marketing than to work on real projects with real clients? Getting involved with We are World Change will equip you with the opportunity to engage in industry-standard production techniques, communicate with clients and work in a nurturing team environment. This is perfect, hands-on work experience for anyone wishing to pursue employment in media production, marketing or journalism.

3. Access to training from professionals in the field

We are World Change runs workshops, seminars from industry experts and collaborative-learning labs held amongst our content creators. You’ll receive professional training, so that you can fine-tune your speciality and upskill in new areas!

4. Work directly with NGOs

You’ll experience the great work of many organisations, by engaging with their senior leadership staff, attending their events and promoting their campaigns! This is the perfect way to experience what it is like interacting and communicating with clients.

5. Socialise with like-minded people

Join other highly-skilled students who are interested in visual media and marketing, so that you can network and make new friends! We provide plenty of opportunities to meet people, through our socials, workshops or team projects.

6. Participate in a wide array of experiences while building your portfolio

Your talents are expansive and we want you to have experiences that go beyond typical agency work. You will have the opportunity to discover new places, meet new faces and attend a wide array of different events. Don’t worry, if you do your best work solo we can arrange that too!

Improve Your Skills

2 hrs / Week Average

Work in Teams


As a student volunteer at We are World Change, you’ll join our collective of content creators and campaign managers. You’ll be allocated to projects that align with your skill set, whether it be flying solo on an independent project or working with a team. When working in teams, students are grouped based upon their time availabilities, talent diversity and relevance of skills to the project. They all generate ideas for the project in cooperation with the client, set out a time-action plan and divide responsibilities within the team. This could mean that you divide all the tasks evenly and work collaboratively over time, or separate each task into a separate sections (eg. campaign planning, script writing, filming, editing, etc). We operate year-round – NGOs aren’t confined to university semesters, so neither are we! As a content creator, you’ll be expected to commit an average of 2 hours per week of your time. This could include communicating with clients, shooting events, editing or working on in-house projects for We are World Change. You should be aware that some projects will be more time-intensive than others. For example, if you shoot an event for an NGO, they’ll probably want the photos as soon as possible – and we’d expect you to get them the images within 24 hours. So, you’d probably spend 6-8 hours working on this project, but then you’d get the next couple of weeks off. That’s why we say an average of 2 hours per week, because this’ll even out over time! When you’re not working on projects for our clients, you may be asked to work on an in-house project. This involves creating content to share on our own We are World Change channels, and could include videos raising awareness around a certain topic, writing blog posts, documenting an event or preparing images and quotes to share. Student volunteers may be assigned to an idea, or they can pitch their own! Then, they work independently or are allocated a team based on talent diversity and relevance of skills.


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