We help organisations tell their story.

We Are World Change is a student-run visual media collective, providing NGOs with high-quality content to promote their cause.

The content we provide is created by students looking to gain practical experience and add to their professional portfolios, whilst also supporting great organisations. So if you are ready to change the world, we are ready to help you!

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We Are World Change is a visual media collective devoted to providing NGOs with free student-produced content. Our mission: helping organisations to tell their stories while developing a new generation of creative talent.

To achieve their goals, NGOs must fundraise. And to fundraise, people need to know what they do. Therefore, marketing is a MUST! Unfortunately, this is an area where large, well-founded organisations are spending too much money.

We believe these resources could be far better utilised when redirected to the organisations’ core mission. On the other hand, small, emerging NGOs don’t necessarily have the funds to produce high-quality content as they’re focused on maximising their social impact. This means that they often go unnoticed.

We Are World Change offers free services in the realms of photography, videography and animation. Organisations come to us for visual content for a variety of needs.

So if you are raising awareness around a certain purpose, covering a special event or anything else you can think of to help get your message out into the world – you can rely on our talented team of content creators to handle it with care and professionalism.

If you’re an organization with a mission to change the world we want to hear from you! Our free services include photography, videography, animation and social media for a whole range of different purposes.

We have extensive experience providing organisations with high-quality content ranging from coverage of location-based events, right through to social media and advertising videos. If you can think of a purpose to utilise multimedia in your organisation, we can do it.

Are you a student ready to hone your skills while having a great impact on charitable causes?

We want to build a community of young creatives who are eager to bolster their talent and learn from each other.

As a student, you will get to volunteer your time, skills and resources in exchange for training, practical experience and the ability to build up a portfolio of work created for real clients. This is SUPER useful if you want to extend your skills in marketing, advertising or visual content production.

As part of a growing organization you’ll be able to work in a team to develop your skills in leadership, teamwork, written and verbal expression, creative problem solving and project management. We realise that for students’ time is of the essence so we have kept the hours flexible. It is estimated that you’ll need to dedicate an average of 2 hours per week.

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